Replacement For EP1 Echo Dot Bluetooth Audio Charging Base

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Have the capacity of 6000mAh,the charging base supports passive work for 12 hours.
With this speaker charger for Echo Dot,you can listen to music or news more convenient.
The base is compatible with the Echo Dot and does not rattle or vibrate, so it does not affect the sound quality.
Simply connect the battery charging dock to the supplied connector and your speaker will be powered.
Built-in mobile power makes your audio speakers wireless and portable. You can move your device anywhere you want to listen to news or music.

Product Name: for EP1.
Product category: smart speaker accessories.
Output: dedicated USB Mirco5Pin 5V 1.8A.
Product composition: MCU + power AI intelligent management module + lithium power supply, EVA anti-slip mat + transparent protection bracket.
Working principle: charging with USB Mirco 5Pin 5V2A.
Built-in power supply; USB power output.
Color: black base + transparent protective cover, white base + transparent protective cover.
Capacity: 6000mAh.
Input: USB Mirco5Pin 5V 2A.
Output: a, dedicated USB Mirco5Pin 5V 1.8A, b, universal USB Mirco5Pin 5V 2A.
Support passive work: 12 hours.
Passive standby: 20 hours.
Switch: A, power main switch; B, fun entertainment LED light switch.
Base size: 99*99*26mm.
Combination size: 99*99*65mm.