Universal Day and Night Anti-Glare Visor (2 in 1)

Universal Day and Night Anti-Glare Visor (2 in 1)

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Driving safe both during day and night can be much more comfortable with this product. It is two in one offer as you get two pieces of lenses, one for driving during the day and one for the night. 

Driving with this product can be really eye-comforting as the anti-glare visor enables sunlight from distracting you. The visor can be easily installed, all you have to do is use the clipper to place the visor in your car.


Product Description:

Drive safely and don't let the sun blind you in the middle of the road with the Anti Glare Car Visor! Order yours today and make of your driving a better experience! Features: - Reduces eye fatigue. - 2 different visors: Night Vision Lens and Sun Glare. - The lens can be rotated freely, and the lens can be adjusted according to the owner's view angle. - Easy to install and does not the traditional elastic band split design. - Universal fit. Specifications: - Material: ABS Plastic. - Size: W 32 cm x L 12 cm.